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Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn?

Need help planning or executing your next project?

Let us guide you with our comprehensive set of services.

Any organisation can develop with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment means taking bold directions and making insightful decisions. TechGenius is here to help. 


With our Pro services, your company can outsource the day-to-day IT management responsibilities to TechGenius Proactive IT Solutions. For small and medium enterprises, managed IT services is more cost effective than having a dedicated internal IT resource.

Our support plans cover all areas of your technology from workstations, to servers, to the network infrastructure. Critical parts of your network such as servers and network components are monitored around the clock to ensure issues are resolved before they cause downtime.

Our support plans are fixed price so you have a predictable budget for your IT and have a service level agreement which guarantees the timeframe for when support requests will be actioned.

Our Pro Services:

TechGenius will  work closely with your team and oversee your project for new infrastructure hardware installations, network upgrades, cloud computing and virtualisation, rollouts, business analytics, data management projects and implementing IT services.

The project life cycle of a typical IT project moves through iterations of planning, executing, and controlling until the project is ultimately closed and transferred into operations. TechGenius can help you reduce the risk of expensive rework and the risks from quickly changing technology, or expansive planning at the launch of the project.

We shall accompany you through all the phases of your project

  • Project scope management.

  • Project schedule management.

  • Project costs management.

  • Project risk management.

  • Project quality management.

  • Project human resources management.

  • Project integration management.

Computers and personal devices:

For most workers, a laptop, desktop or tablet is an essential business tool. Investing in the wrong device can waste money and time, add stress to your workday and seriously undermine productivity.

Choosing the right computer, laptop or tablet for your employees can be a minefield.

At TechGenius we can help you navigate this minefield to choose technology that is in line with your business strategies and ensure your employees have access to the right devices.

We’ll supply the hardware and get it set up not only for optimal productivity by transferring all the data from your old device to the new one and ensuring that software, network connections and other computer peripherals are working properly but as well for future upgrades, maintenance and support.

Ongoing maintenance for superior performance:

All Windows computers lose performance over time, and you need to perform regular maintenance and tune-ups to ensure they’re performing well. Little glitches can add up to significantly reduce productivity and negatively affect employee morale.

TechGenius can work with you to optimise computer performance, minimise the affects of software bugs and malicious activity; and ensure that critical software updates and security patches are installed in a timely manner.

Server maintenance:

Making sure your servers are healthy and running optimally is critical to avoiding expensive downtime and reduced productivity. TechGenius can monitor your servers 24/7 and pick up on any potential problems.

Servers are often forgotten about, especially while they’re working well and doing their job. If you don’t properly maintain your servers, you could be setting yourself up for considerable pain.

Unhealthy servers run poorly and can impact negatively on the applications that you use in your business, reducing team productivity and causing frustration.

If your server fails without the proper disaster recovery system in place, you will experience days of IT downtime while it is either repaired or replaced.

Utilising latest technology, Proactive IT Solutions will enact a regular maintenance schedule to keep your server healthy and running optimally.